NFL Week 1 Predictions

Dolphins at Texans

Miami’s defense just won’t be able to hold up to The onslaught of Adrrian Foster, Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson. The Dolphins will walk out of Houston hurting, along with a 0-1 record.

Patriots at Titans

The Patriots win in a boring game, with Tom Brady showing why he’s still one of the league’s elite. Nothing to see here.

Rams at Lions

The Lions will shut down a lacking Rams offense as Sam Bradford struggles to find his groove. Except to see Megatron well over 100 yards.

Redskins at Saints

RG III’s regular season debut starts off in Louisiana against a potent Saint D. Let’s hope there’s not a “bounty” out on his head…. the Saints start the year out with a win.

Eagles at Browns

The Eagles’ D will put a hurting on the young Brandon Wheeden and Trent Richardson. As long as Vick stays on his feet, the Eagles start the year with a check in the win column.

Falcon at Chiefs

Matt Ryan and Roddy White will flex their muscles against the Chiefs, even on the road, as the Falcons fly victorious in Kansas City.

Bills at Jets

The Bills D keeps the game surprisingly close in New York. Even though the Jets will struggle to find their groove, they’ll come out on top.

Jaguars at Vikings

The Jags and MJD will conquer a struggling AP and gang.

Colts at Bear

Andrew Luck and company pull off this week’s upset as they travel to the Windy City and leave with the win.

Seahawks at Cardinals

The new look Seahawks, led by Russell Wilson take their trip to Arizona and demolish Larry Fitzgerald and the rest of the Cards.

Panther at Buccaneers

Cam Newton and Josh Freeman battle it out in a back and forth match. Both D’s will be tested, but the Panthers will come out on top.

49ers at Packers

The 49ers D will have a week 1 slump against the Packers as Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings both have huge games. Look for Rodgers to hit the 300 yard mark in his 2012 regular season debut.

Steelers at Broncos

Peyton Manning will struggle to find his way back to his old form as Harrison and company pummel him and the rest of the Broncos.

Bengals at Ravens

The aging Ravens D comes to life once again to shut down the young duo of AJ Green and Andy Dalton in an impressive win.

Chargers at Raiders

Al Davis will be smiling down on the Raiders as they make a mockery of the Chargers. Philip Rivers anger will start to build as the Chargers start the year 0-1.


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