NFL Week 2 Predictions

Chicago at Green Bay

This is a tough one. On one hand, I think Green Bay comes back from last week’s game with a vengeance and gives it their all. On the other, if Jennings is out, the Green Bay D takes a big hit. I think Chicago pulls out the win in a VERY high, Very close scoring game.

Kansas City at Buffalo

Kansas goes in to Buffalo and gives their defense even more night terrors by putting up Jet-like numbers.

New Orleans at Carolina

Before the season started, I’d pick the Saints no questions asked. Yet Week 1 shook my view completely. RG III tore up the Saints’ D and Cam Newton is an even more refined, mature version. Could NO start the year 0-2? I think so.

Cleveland at Cincinnati

I don’t think Brandon Wheeden knows what a completed NFL pass feels like after that last game. Look for Dalton and AJ to embarrass the Browns.

Minnesota at Indianapolis

Let’s not let Luck erase the memories of the season Indy had just one season ago. “All Day” will run all over a sloppy Colts D. The Vikes pull away in the 3rd quarter.

Houston at Jacksonville

I think MJD will have a 100 yard 2 TD game, but the onslaught of Andre Johnson and Schuab will eventually be too much for the Jags.

Arizona at New England

Arizona stumbles in to Gillette Stadium after last week’s wreck of a game and Tom Brady shows them what a NFL offense should look like. Pats take this one easily.

Tampa Bay at New York Giants

The G Men will bounce back with a fury and make the Bucs’ D crumble. Look for Ronde Barber to have an INT this week though!

Baltimore at Philadelphia

Vick might have just as well kicked the ball to his receivers in their game last week. 4 picks in a game by ANY NFL quarterback is just embarrassing. As an Eagles fan, it hurts to see a performance like that. When the Ravens come to town, Vick straps it down and plays like he did two years ago. Look for 3+ passing TD’s and 70+ rushing yards. Do watch for the Ravens to knock Vick out of the game for a few plays as well.

Dallas at Seattle

The Dallas D buckles down on Matt Flynn as the unneeded ESPN hype builds for “America’s Team”. After this win, look for SportsCenter to write Dallas in as a Super Bowl champion.

Washington at St. Louis

It’s a battle of number one picked QB’s as Sam Bradford and Robert Griffin III take the field in St. Louis. It’ll be an offensive struggle, but I believe Washington starts the year at 2-0. Sorry Rams, should of kept the gold pants.

New York Jets at Pittsburgh

A tough division game here. I pick the Steelers just for the fact they’re at home.

Tennessee at San Diego

Is anyone going to be watching this game? Seriously. Anybody? No, that’s what I thought. Jake Locker and company pad the win column in Week 2.

Detroit at San Francisco

Will we see Schwartz vs. Harbaugh Round 2? Hopefully, because we won’t be seeing a game at Ford Field. The ‘Niners overpower the Lions as Alex Smith thrives once again. Let’s just cross our fingers we don’t see Jeff Backus bending over again….

Denver at Atlanta

The Georgia Dome will be rockin’ as Matt Ryan is cold as ice once again. Look for a break out game from Roddy White. I’ll say 2-3 TD snags by him in Week 2. I’ll always have a soft spot for Roddy. Gotta love him.


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