Sports Blogs: Comparing Two of the Greats

The world of sports journalism is a very diverse one. There are so many different aspects of sports, that no two blogs are the same. From uniforms critics to NBA columnists, there’s a niche for every sports fan.

For those of you who are into the fashion side of sports, there’s a blog by the name of Uni-Watch. Uni-Watch is a blog run by Paul Lukas and focuses on everything from mistakes on uniforms to break downs/power rankings of different professional teams uniforms.

Lukas’ site is very opinionated, but he provides very good reasons as to why he says and believes what he does. Lukas is not so no name column who believes his opinions are the final say. Lukas is an established columnist at ESPN. Lukas’ articles are very in-depth and provide the reader with any detail they need to know and many pictures to give them an accurate picture of what’s going on as well.

On the other hand there are blogs like the one run by Eric Freeman and Dan Devine. Their blog is called Ball Don’t Lie and is part of Yahoo Sports. BDL is dedicated to everything NBA and focuses more g on funny happenings the league. Their style is less opinion-based and more funny, fact driven stories.

Format of Each Selection

The way that each blog presents their content to the reader varies greatly. Uni-Watch posts are once a day (on average) and can be pretty lengthy, with a user-submitted section towards the end, where people who have sent in things they’ve noticed in the uniform world can send them in to be on the site.

Ball Don’t Lie is immensely different. Freeman and Devine both post multiple times per day, with a lot of their articles being only an hour in between one another. Their articles are also very close in comparison to Lukas’. This isn’t to say that they lack in content, they just condense a lot of information in to a simple, easy to read format.

When it comes to user feedback and interaction, both blogs kind of fall short. To my knowledge, Uni-Watch has no comment system that I could find, although Lukas does provide an email that his readers can contact him at.

Ball Don’t Lie has a comment system, but many of the comments hate-filled statements, written by airheaded sports “fans”. This is why neither Freeman nor Devine ever comment back to any of the feedback they get.

Why Read Them?

Lukas, Freeman and Devine are all outstanding bloggers and their work personifies that. All of them write in short paragraphs so that the reader is never bogged down by huge blocks of text. They both link out to their sources, or other info for their readers to gain some background needed to understand any info in their blogs.

These traits shouldn’t be a big surprise though, seeing as all three columnists work for major news authorities in the sports world.

All three columnists’ blogs are worth your time whether you have five minutes, or five hours to spare. Their articles are in-depth and show how a sports blog should be used and written.

What Seems To Be The Problem?

Honestly, I don’t believe there are many negatives to either blogs. Some may say Lukas gets too opinionated in his blogs I highly disagree. He does have an opinion, but he’s very educated in his field and explains all of his points to a tee.

Many say in the feedback section that all of BDL’s stories aren’t “relevant news”, but when you update your columns as often as they do, you can’t expect every single story to be top-shelf, front page-worthy news.

I know somewhere I should say what I would do to improve these articles, but I wouldn’t want to change a thing about these blogs because well, I love them. Their writing hooks me and their stories never cease to entertain me.


One thought on “Sports Blogs: Comparing Two of the Greats

  1. First of all Richie, I like what you did with the page. You’re going to have to show me how to do the whole set up. I like how you can “like” your blog on facebook. As far a the post, your headings helped keep me focused on what you wanted to say. Your post is also very scanable, so that’s a plus.

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