A Walk Down Memory Lane With Tom Jenkins

In the world of sports, photography is everything. Photography helps capture that moment, that atmosphere, that feeling that can only be felt. Sports photographers help bring that feeling to the person viewing his or her photos.

A man who tries to convey this feeling is Tom Jenkins. With his photography he captures that exact moment that sums up the whole game(blood, sweat, tears and all), in a beautiful snap shot.

This is evident when he narrates an audio slideshow named “Sports Photographer Tom Jenkins’ Favourite Images” for The Guardian.

In this post I’ll break down this slideshow and get down to the nitty-gritty details explaining whether this slideshow is worth your time!

Let’s take a look!

A Broad Overview

This project is a compilation of Jenkins’ favorite pictures he’s taken, while he narrates over it telling a bit of back story to each shot.

The slideshow begins with what Jenkins describes as “a couple of posh looking spectators at the Epsom Derby”. This is a nice way to open up the project because he goes on to say that this was his first picture to be on the front page of The Guardian.

Tom talks of his different shots and nine beautiful photos later we come to the last photo of Jonny Wilkinson walking out of the stadium after the English win a Rugby game.

What Works

Tom’s voice  is very quaint and his perspective and background to his pictures is a marvel to sit a listen to. TO hear how these photos came to be is a wonder to behold.

Another nice detail is the way the photos lightly faint out. This subtle detail really plays off the relaxed tone in Jenkins’ voice and is a nice touch in the long run.

I also enjoyed the variety of photos located in his set. There are some that are zoomed in close and some are panned out. This shows that he thinks of the different angles when he shoots and really works his surroundings.

One detail people may point out as a flaw that I would not agree with are the lack of captions. Even though there are not any captions, Tom thoroughly explains every shot and does his best to make you feel as if you were

What Doesn’t

As much as I love his works, there are a multitude of flaws in this slide show.

First off, the lack of any other sound besides Tom’s voice can really get rather dull at times. Although his insight is very detailed, it can put the listener to sleep if they aren’t 100% invested in what he’s saying.

I would have liked to here some other noise other than Jenkins. Another person, natural sound, honestly ANYTHING.

Secondly, I think the time time spent on the last photo was cut way too short. Tom says that England hadn’t won in awhile, so why didn’t he elaborate at the feeling in the stadium? I would have loved to hear about how the fans reacted.

Another point that builds off the last photo is how quickly the audio cuts off. The creator of the slideshow does not fade out Tom’s voice, he just cuts the audio off. It comes off sloppy and makes me feel that the creator just wanted to get the project done.

The Final Judgement

All in all, I had fun watching and listening to this audio slideshow. Although it was very slow paced, I really enjoyed the subject matter, being a sports photographer myself.

That being the case, this slideshow may not be for any average Joe off the street. I believe you’d either have to be in the journalism field, or a sports fan to sit down and listen to this completely.

I really did enjoy Tom Jenkins’ works, but I feel like the creator may have sold him short because of the gappy, and abrupt editing. I feel like with some quick fixes would make this project in to an amazing piece.


5 thoughts on “A Walk Down Memory Lane With Tom Jenkins

  1. I thought this was a well written post. I really liked the layout of how you broke down the audio story to tell what you liked and didn’t like. Maybe in the final judgment explain further the quick fixes you are talking about. other then that you did a great job!

  2. Honestly, you’re a really great righter. The fact that you can make a audio slideshow review interesting to read equals some mad skills. I loved how you broke up each section, and don’t have anything to say to do better. Two thumbs up!

  3. I really like how you organized all the information needed for this assignment. I like how you put your honest opinion into it and how you make certain opinions stand out. The biggest way you did this was by typing anything in all caps to get the point across that the audio slideshow really needed another voice, sound, music or anything else in it.

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