Freedom of Speech and the Soul-Winners

Now I know this is a sports blog, but some things transcend the importance of our beloved games. One of those subjects is freedom of speech. As a journalist and citizen of the US, this is very important to me. Being able to voice my opinion is a freedom of which I hold very highly.

Religion is also an avenue where freedom of speech takes on a very important meaning. In my point of view, people should be able to express their religious beliefs however they want, within reason.

In this video, we take a look a soul-winner named Michael Venya who wants to help save the students on Central Michigan University’s Campus. We get an inside look as to how he feels on this issue along with why he does what he does.

We also talk to two atheist by the name of Darnell Gardner Jr. and Corey Kinnie, who are also part of the “Dogma-Free Society“. They both respectfully tell us how they feel about Venya’s ministry and give us a polar opposite point of view from Venya’s.


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