The Philadelphia Eagles Uniforms Throughout The Years

There are a few things in life that I’m a huge fan of. One of them is the Philadelphia Eagles, the other being uniforms in sports. When you combine those two, it becomes a topic that really interests me. In this post, I’ll be showing you what the Eagles have worn in the past, along with when they wore it. Looking in to the past to see what teams back then wore has always been very interesting to me. To see what people thought was fashionable and what looked cool when they were released, gives us an insight in to the creator’s minds.


Before we get in to uniforms. It is important to see where the Eagles play. The Eagles are located in Philadelphia, PA and play in Lincoln Financial Field. “The Linc“, a nickname people have given the filed, has the address of 1020 Pattison Avenue.

Here’s a map of The Linc!

A Visual Experience

Few things can immerse us as easily as pictures can. This is especially true when it comes to uniforms. I’ve created a timeline that will take you through the uniforms the Eagles have worn and identify the era and year they started wearing them.

All the pictures in this timeline, except the last one, were created by the folks at Heritage Sports Art. Their work is amazing! Be sure to check them out!



Have a uniform an Eagles uniform you love? See one you hated? Let me know by clicking that button and taking the Eagles Uniform Survey!

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